frequently asked questions:


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1.  What type of training methods do you use?
I named the company Isy’s Ways because I believe there is no one way

of training/modifying a dog.  We are open to All Methods.  When the first

lesson begins, the trainer will be very observant of your dog’s behavior

by how he/she reacts to verbal commands and physical commands and

the trainer will also see if he/she is driven by food/treats, praise/affection

or toys/balls.  After observing the behavior, the trainer will then be able

to let you know what method best suits your dog(s).

2.  How old does my dog have to be to participate in the

programs and/or workouts?
A dog can begin training as early as five weeks.  We believe that the first

3 years of a dog’s life are crucial in training.  However, it is never too late

to start training your dog to establish desired behavior.

3.  How much involvement does the client have during the training?
The client will be involved at the start of the first lesson to go over assign-

ments given by the trainer.  The trainer will need to work with the dog by himself/herself for the first few lessons.  After the trainer has established trust and obedience from the dog(s), he/she will then have the client participant.  We do this because dogs tend to act a whole lot different when the owner is not around.

4.  How do I know which program is best for my dog?
If you’re just looking for the basics and want to be able to walk your dog on leash without any problems then the Dymond package is for you.  If you are looking to be able to have your dog obedient off leash, then you should choose the Spartacus package, which also includes the lessons from the Dymond package.  If you are having behavior problems, Danja’s package would be your best choice, plus as an added benefit, the Danja package also includes the valuable lessons from Dymond’s and Spartacus’ package.  If you just want a workout for your dog or want to add an extra workout to your package, then Shiva’s workout lessons are the perfect fit.

5.  What is lure course running and how does it benefit my dog?
Lure course running is a performance event developed in the early 70s for sight hounds until people started to notice that all breeds of dogs love to run lure.  Lure course running can benefit a dog by triggering its prey drive and letting him/her release stored up energy in a controlled environment.  I like to say it truly brings the dog out of your dog.

6.  What is a flirt-pole and spring-pole?  How does it benefit my dog?
Flirt-pole has a long history as a conditioning tool for dogs starting around sometime in the mid 1800’s.  Flirt-pole, also known as flirt-stick, is used like a backyard lure to help exercise your dog in small areas.  Spring-pole has also been around for a while, starting up far back in the mid -1700’s.  Spring-pole is a rope or substance hanging above the ground which allows the dog to release its instinctual urge to jump, bite and hang.  These are natural, stimulating activities for high energy dogs.  It is a positive way of releasing the energy and brings out the dog in your dog.

7.  What areas do you service?
We serve the Northern Virginia area in locations within 30 miles from Ashburn, Virginia.  We will go outside of this radius for an additional charge, based on mileage.

8.  What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept cash, check and money order.

9.  Where do you take my dog to be exercised?
Your dog(s) can be exercised at any open field or dog park.


1.  What is an e collar and how does it work?
An E-Collar is a stimulation mechanism similar to an electric fence collar.  The collar is controlled by a remote that allows you to correct undesired behavior without having to get physical or yell and maintain full control of your dog for up to 1,000 yards!

2.  Will the e-collar hurt my dog?
Physically the collar will not harm the dog.  In fact, many top police, military and federal dogs are trained using the e-collar method.

3.  Will my dog always have to wear an e-collar?
 Your dog will not have to wear the e-collar all the time, and will only be recommended for use when going outside off-leash.  If training is followed through consistently, if desired, you may elect to wean your dog off the collar and only use it for reinforcement, as needed.

4.  How old does a dog have to be to wear an e-collar? Can dogs of all sizes and breeds wear an e-collar?
We believe that the majority of dogs can be introduced to the e-collar any time after 6 months, and some dogs can be introduced earlier.