Dymond's On-Leash Walking

(includes potty training if necessary)


Are you having problems walking your dog(s) out in public, such as:

  • Pulling you when walking on a leash
  • Bolting out the front door
  • Barking at other dog(s), people and/or other behavior distractions

If so, then Dymond’s On-Leash Dog Walking package is for you!  The benefits you will receive from this package are:

  • No more bolting out the door when getting ready for walks
  • No more pulling you when walking your dog on the leash (heel command)
  • No more barking/attacking dogs and/or people when walking on the leash
  • NO MORE embarrassing behaviors when walking your dog on leash
  • You will be able to walk your dog in any environment that has distractions!

You should be able to enjoy your dog walks with peace of mind knowing you have complete control of the walk.  This package will not only benefit you, but will also benefit your dog, not only physically, but mentally. It will give your dog(s) a job so that their mind is getting a workout as well. By having your dog(s) focused and obedient on walks you will see a more relaxed, satisfied and content dog.

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