"...took the time to work with us..."

I have two beautiful dogs both female pit bulls. One is an We have to thank Healthy Hounds for referring us to Isaac. We have been so happy to have Diamond in our lives but we needed some help. Diamond has always been a loving and protective dog but at the same time she is easily excited, stubborn and strong. We needed to correct some bad habits we instilled in her, reassert that we were the leader of the house and take control of her on walks. When we began to look for a dog trainer we didn’t want to use any normal trainer, especially ones that weren’t familiar with the pitbull breed. We needed a trainer that had the experience and patience to work with all breeds. That’s when we gave Isaac a call. He was very accommodating to our needs and schedule. Isaac visited our home to meet with Diamond and kept us up to date on her training and status. Isaac was fantastic with the little things as well, like sending us pictures during her training. That made us very happy to know she was doing well and reassured us that she was a happy and healthy dog. Isaac took the time to work with us and gave us tips and things to work on when Diamond returned to our home. Isaac told us that Diamond did such a good job in her training that he would love to work with her some more. We would love to work with Isaac anytime knowing that our dog is in such wonderful hands. We more than recommend Isaac to anyone that is looking to help their dog become a more well balanced member of the family, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Isaac From Jennie, Pat and Diamond!

"..devoted to ensuring positive change.."

I am so happy with my decision to send my dog Kali to Isys Ways. She is a 10 month old pit bull with lots of energy. Kali was a super friendly dog who's main problem behaviors involved  listening, jumping on people, and running recklessly through the house. I had tried basic training class through petsmart and things but that didnt seem to attend to what I defined as "the problem". Kali returned the same sweet energetic dog but much more controlled. She was very attentive to my commands and my presence. I now feel comfortable taking her just about anywhere. I am grateful  for the hard word Isaac put in with working with Kali. He cared for her, was devoted to ensuring positive change, and kept me up to date with her progress with pictures while she was gone. I would recommend Isy's Ways to anyone who loves their dog and is seeking help in making them more obedient through love, discipline, and reinforcement.
Thank you Isaac for all that you did! We are forever grateful!
Karina, Saxon and Kali.


"nemo will now sit, stay, come, shake, heel, and he is focused on us."

Hi Isaac, Hope all is going well. I wanted to take just a minute and let you know how we felt about your service. YOU ARE AMAZING! Nemo was extremely difficult to handle, couldn’t focus, wouldn’t respond and in general, a big pain. We were told about you by someone that had used your service and they really sang your praises. I was a bit skeptical that ANYONE could do much with our powerful, newly adopted pooch…but you absolutely went wildly beyond our expectations. Thanks so much for your time and attention. Nemo will now sit, stay, come, shake, heel and most importantly, he is focused on us. He listens! Amazing job, Isaac! We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for training services….you are the real deal. Thank you.

"we are so thankful for all that isaac taught us and eli."

Before getting our first family dog we spent a lot of time watching Dog Whisperer. We knew some of the basics of how to train a dog. Isaac came to our rescue when we had trained our puppy the best we could. We were having some obedience issues that we just did not know how to address, being it was our first puppy. From day one Eli responded to Isaac. Isaac taught us how to leash train Eli, give him the proper exercise he needed daily, and ways to reinforce the things he knew. We also learned that dogs need boundaries as well as good social skills. Having Eli around other dogs on a regular basis has helped him to be more calm when we meet new dogs for the first time, whether on a walk, or out at a public place. Our friends comment on what a great dog we have! We are so thankful for the all that Isaac taught us and Eli. We recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dog.


"he always...reminds me to be the leader"

I have been working hard with many trainers to help get my dog to "behave" and make being a dog owner something that is enjoyable. Those training sessions resulted in frustration as they were not working. Isaac was recommended to me by a friend and the results have been amazing. He is so patient and understanding. Isaac has a plan on how to work with my dog and is there every step of the way to assist. He is extremely responsive and seems to genuinely care about my dog's behavior. He is always available to answer my questions, and remind me to be the leader. Bella's scratching on the front window was driving us nuts and we were afraid she would break it. Isaac just sat on our couch one day when she really wanted to bark and scratch, but did not because of Isaac's energy, and that was that, true story! .

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"a lifestyle you have to live in order to maintain a stable, healthy dog"

I have two beautiful dogs both female pit bulls. One is an elderly and ok for the most part, the other is young and full of energy and needed training. I first thought taking her to dog day camp would be enough turns out it wasn’t. Then I meet Isaac! Isaac taught my little girl how to sit, stay, and come in just a few days. I was amazed in how fast he was able to walk her off leash in any type of environment.  Isaac showed me that it’s more of a life style you have to live in order to maintain a stable healthy happy dog. Thanks!! Ghaya 

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We offer to take photos and videos that you can add to any package so you can see how your dog has learned and grown!

"...transform their dog's behaviors so the dog understands the rules.."

 I highly recommend Isaac Terrell — a “dog whisperer” who understands and loves dogs and, most importantly, helps his clients transform their dog’s behaviors so the dog understands the rules, boundaries and limitations. For my Shih-Tzu, Cookie, and I, Isaac did just that for us and even more. This is creating the calm, happy environment that both of us always wanted!! Thanks! -Betty P 

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Isaac Terrell knows that exercise, discipline and affection are crucial to maintaining a happy, stable pack of dogs.

"a calm, in control owner sets the stage to train a calm, obedient dog"

We met Isaac when our dog was six months old. He was already big and powerful. A very sweet dog, with no knowledge of his strength. We would take him out for a walk, but he was walking us. Enter Isaac. Thank goodness. Isaac is the dog whisperer! He taught us that first and foremost, dogs feed off the energy of the owner. A calm, in control owner sets the stage to train a calm, obedient dog. Well, we are calm people. But, there was that little inner panic when we were out walking him, "please don't let us see another dog, person, child...in his excitement, he will pull me off my feet..." Dogs sense that. And take total advantage of it! Walking my dog with Isaac, I realized Isaac was first patiently training me, so he could train the dog. Strong posture, controlled voice, steady walk. Me...not the dog! Isaac has a calm presence, and a strong intuitive command over dogs. They immediately respond to him and respect him. Our Bernese is now over 100 pounds, heading to his full grown weight of about 135. He heels perfectly by my side when I walk him. And, even in off leash areas, I don't fear he will run off, chase another dog, or jump on a passerby. He responds to sit, down, stay, heel, and come, beautifully. Isaac has done such a great job training our dog (and us), we confidently just got another one.... Wendy 


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