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EXERCISE | discipline | affection

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shiva's workout lessons 

(can be added to Dymond, Spartacus or Danja packages)


Are you seeing the following behaviors from your dog(s):

  • Dog(s) not tired after dog walks
  • Dog(s) not tired after dog park and/or day camp
  • Dog(s) displays bored, separation or anxious behavior
  • Destructive behavior exhibited in the home (chewing, jumping, whining, etc.)

If so, then Shiva’s Workout Lesson(s) is for you and the perfect addition as an add-on to your package or even used as an individual workout plan!  Every dog needs more than just a walk.  When worked out properly, most dogs only need 2-3 days per week of intense activities.  Shiva’s Workout Lessons offer you the ability to choose from in packets of three, any of the following activities:

The benefits you will receive from Shiva’s workout lesson(s) are these activities will not only work out your dog’s body, but works out their mind.  These activities are stimulating the prey drive in your dog (no matter the breed), bringing out the “Dog in your dog”.  Lesson(s) also include basic obedience.

Other benefits include:

  • Helps strengthen muscles, which helps joint flexibility
  • Assist in good digestion
  • Builds dog confidence level